5 Reasons Why It's Time to Update Your Resume Now

We are about to kick off the new year and with the new year starting, it’s time to update your resume for the VERY important first month of the year.  January is typically a very busy month for hiring managers and recruiters.  Make sure the information on your resume has been updated, refreshed and ready to meet the hiring demands for the start of the year.


1.  What successes have you had since you last updated your resume – Were you given new responsibilities, start and complete significant projects, did you grow the business in significant ways, did you get a promotion, did you change your job, etc.  If you can answer yes to any of these questions then it’s time to update.


2.  Did you recently complete a degree or certification – That’s a significant achievement and should be highlighted on your resume, make sure any potential employer or recruiter knows this.


3.  Did you take on any new leadership roles – Becoming a leader and getting moved up in your current company is something that shows any potential employer you have something good going on, make sure they know it.


4.  Did you receive a significant job related achievement or reward – You are becoming an expert in your chosen field, any employer or recruiter in your industry is going to want to know that you are well thought of in your field.


5.  Are you getting the responses you want – Has it been a “grind”, sending out resume after resume with no results?  Nothing like a fresh start to get things ramped up and see if you can attract new attention.


The bottom line, you should always keep your resume updated, make it your New Year’s resolution to get your resume current and ready to go for your next job.


5 Reasons December IS a Good Month for Your Job Search

We hear many times “December is the end of the year and no one is hiring”.  If you think that is true then you are missing out on a large opportunity to get your information in front of hiring managers and recruiters.  True, maybe the last week of the month by the holiday isn’t your best option but don’t forget about the rest of the month!


Here is why!


1.  Many people have the idea December isn’t good (they’re wrong) – This leaves hiring manager and recruiters with less people to choose from.  This is a great opportunity to get notice and seen by a hiring manager with less competition for you!


2.  Hiring Manager and Recruiters aren’t as busy at the end of the year – They have more time to look at resumes, review your qualifications and put you in front of the line as a possible new employee.


3.  Companies want to have their open positions filled before the start of the next year – Companies want to start the New Year with as little open positions as possible, it makes their first quarter go smoother and they can focus on their business instead of hiring.


4.  Budgets change at the start of the New Year – Companies budgets change at the start of the year and they may not have as much hiring dollars available to them once the year starts.  This put the pressure on the hiring managers to bring people in before the budget changes and they have to produce with fewer employees.


5.  Companies want their new employees trained and ready to go at the beginning of the year – With December being a bit slower, it is a great month to bring in new people, train them and get them producing with the new year starts.


The bottom line, don’t overlook December; it’s a great month to get your information seen and possibly hired!


Good luck out there!


Your resume is the bridge to your future!

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