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We know there are alot of options availabe to have your professional resume and cover letter written and we want all of our clients to understand who they will work with when they do decide to use our services.


Easy Way Resume is a group of profesionals with the following experience:


- 25+ years of real world business experience

- 20+ years of experience in the role of hiring managers and recruiters

- 20+ years or experience in writing and reviewing resumes

- Our experience covers over 20 industries, having a strong understanding of the right keywords and the effective styles that hiring managers and recruiters want to see


Our group of professionals want to offer you our experience in the hiring process and to provide you with the most effective resumes and cover letters in the industry.  We do this in an extremely cost effective manner and pass that along to you, without sparing the quality. 


You will get the most value for your dollar compared to any other resume service in the industy.

We save you time and money

We have an extremely easy to use system that allows our clients to spend a short amount of time upfront to get the right resume or cover letter as a result.  


When you hire Easy Way Resume you will save valuable time and quite a bit of money to receive and extremely effective resume and cover letter that other companies offer for hundereds of dollars.

Client Satisfaction Guaranteed

You have unlimited revisions available to you.  We want to ensure all of our clients have the highest quailty resume and cover letter and will work with you until you are 100% satisfied.

Our pledge to you

We will ensure that you are receiving the highest quality, most effective resumes and cover letters at a very low price.


We do this for all our clients and we make it easy for you to succeed!

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