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Thank you note - It's a must have!

Do you need a thank you note that can be used after each interview?  Of course you do! We make it very easy for you to.  


Do I need a Thank You Note?  Absolutely, it's a must have.  Hiring managers will always remember the people that send a thank you note for the time spent.  Many people these days don't send a thank you note, all the more reason to be seen as a true professional.  


Many times I hear from hiring managers saying "Wow, Joe Smith sent me a thank you note".  Many times I hear from hiring managers saying "Hmmm, Joe Smith didn't send me a Thank You Note".  


Be the one the Hiring Managers remember!

Our Thank You Notes fit all occasions!

When you purchase a Thank You Note from us, you will receive it in a format that is suitable for both emailing and for regular mailing and it can be reused for each occassion.  


You will receive the Thank you note in both an email and regualr mail format.  All you will need to do is change a few fields and the thank you note will be usuable for each position you interview.


Note: The email format will be in Arial Font and you will simply need to copy and paste into your email


Note: The format to mail your thank you note will be in Times New Roman.


The reason we choose these fonts for your thank you notes is that they are the most professional for each format.


Simple, Easy and can be emailed or mailed right after your interview!

Click Image for Larger View
Click Image for Larger View

The thank you note that you will email will be in Arial Font


The thank you note to be mailed will be in Times New Roman Font

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