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Do you want the opinion of an experienced hiring manager and recruiter on your cover letter or resume?  Are you unsure of how it's viewed? What really sticks out in the positive?  What could be improved to catch the eye?  


This is the perfect option for you!


Submit your cover letter and/or resume to us.  We will have our experienced hiring managers review the cover letter and resume.  We will write you a detailed report on our impressions: the positives, room for improvement, the layout and how to get the attention of the hiring manager and recruiter.


There's no reason to guess!  Let us give you our honest feedback so you can give the right information to the hiring manager and recruiter!


Note: When you purchase a review, no changes are made to your resume or cover letter


You get all of this at a very low cost!

3 easy steps to get our honest feedback!

Step 1:


  • Select your service: cover letter review, resume review or both


Step 2:


  • Upload your current cover letter and/or resume online.


Step 3:


  • Use our secure payment service through PayPal to make your payment


That's it!  Quick and Easy!  You will receive our feedback in the designated time.


Have specific questions?  Send us a note along with the upload and we will answer the questions as part of our service to you


As always, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Pricing for Cover Letter Review

       3 day           2 day        24 hrs
All Levels                   $20.00   $25.00    $30.00

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