Full Custom Cover Letter Written for You!

Please follow the steps below to get your fully custom cover letter

Step 1

Please email us an example of the style of cover letter you would like to: NewCustomCoverLetter@EasyWayResume.com


Step 2

Please email us your current cover letter to: NewCustomeCoverLetter@EasyEayResume.com


If you don't have a current cover letter, no problem!  Please follow the link to the questionaire page.


Custom Resume Questionaire


Step 3

We will review your request and email a price quote with and invoice for you fully custom cover letter along with the cover letter questionaire.  Please fill out the questionaire and email back to us (the email address will be provided with the invoice).


That's it, very easy!  We will create your new cover letter in the timeframe that you decide in the style you want.

Why do we need you to send us your current cover letter or fill out the questionaire prior to quoting you the price for your custom cover letter?

- We want to make sure we are quoting you the right price for your custom cover letter and we need this information to make sure you are receiving the best value for your money.


Why do we suggest sending your current cover letter, if you have one, when you want a new cover letter?

- This will give us additional information about you that we can use in creating your brand new cover letter

- Details that you may not think are important, may actually be excellent information and we want to ensure we have that on your cover letter

- If you missed something on your cover letter questionaire, it may already be in the resume you send us.

Your resume is the bridge to your future!

** Free Thank You Note when you order a resume and cover letter!